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After using Tajann Corporation in the Phase I of the Wastewater Benchmarking Study, we knew that it was the right company for the job. We are very happy now that we brought them on board again for the second phase. Their in-depth knowledge of statistical quality control, combined with their expertise in management and construction, made them uniquely qualified to identify crucial improvement opportunities as well as turning this project into an on-going improvement initiative within the wastewater program, and hopefully within the entire Bureau.
Wayne Lawson, City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Engineering
Tajann has been providing us high-quality scanning services for almost 3 years now. Because of their expert knowledge of image processing, computer programming and databases, they have very efficient scanning and indexing processes and the uploading of the scanned images into our system has been very smooth.
Their passion for high-quality service is observed in all aspects of their business and we constantly experience their careful handling of our documents, their high respect for confidentiality, and their professional attitude towards our people.
Gillis Monroe, Construction Services Officer, City of Long Beach
We started using Tajann scheduling services at the early stages of the project. They addressed all client's needs and requirements accurately and cost-effectively and soon I learned that this company can do much more for us, even more cost-effectively, if they are integrated into our team. Now, after nearly a year of working together on the most challenging parts of the project, I see that my decision was right; we are happy with them and our client is happy with them. Their people work very well with my team and serve us quite well. Their in-depth knowledge of project controls and their good teamwork spirit has contributed to facilitating project progress, saving time and money for all project participants, and strengthening our relationship with the client. We plan to use them for not only technical and administrative tasks, but also project management support services in our future projects. I'm confident that they can help us save money while enhancing our reputation