Career opportunities

When you join Tajann, you become a new member of the Tajann family. We do not see you as another "resource" or "Asset", but as an opportunity to expand and promote our company (and your career, as a part of it). Your success will be interwoven with Tajann's success, your future will be Tajann's furure, and your vision will be aligned with Tajann's vision. We do not use slogans and do not dictate our ideology, we exemplify it by our actions. If you can observe our "self-similar" approach to doing business, and you like it, then you like our ideology, you share our vision and values, and you can stay in the family for as long as you want.
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Why work with us

Tajann gives you the chance to explore opportunities within All Tajann departments and functions and grow, as the company grows. We always welcome your personal career development suggestions, as your tenure grows with us and our visions bocme more integrated. We understand that your growth is our growth and we provide you every opportunity to achieve your goals which are aligned with our visions
At Tajann you will be exposed to a diverse range of projects and functions. You can learn about advanced project controls techniques at our job sites, you can learn how to quantify quality using statistical quality control techniques, or you can get your hands dirty and gain direct job-site experience. You will have the chance to work with well-experience leaders and learn from them.
We don't want you just to work hard, we want you to be smart. Get out of your box (literally your cubical box), meet our clients, suppliers, other project participants, and expand your network. Your netwok is Tajann's network and Tajann's network is yours. The more we expand it, the more we can benefit from each other.
You are reading this page because your needs are not currently addressed in one (or more) of three levels; Existance, Relatedness, Growth. We want you to be able to address ALL your needs and enjoy your career with us. We can expect you share our vision ONLY when your primary needs are addressed and satisfied equitably.